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by Daniela Exley

Are you looking for a NUTRITIONAL RESET that outpaces any current faddy "detox diet", but teaches you the...

...Mental perspective...

...and support... TRULY succeed on your mission of healthy eating?

For many it is not enough to just learn about food.


You need to change your habits.

Starting with the basics, Daniela shares why and how nutrition works, delving into the gut-brain connection for your deeper understanding. ​

Then you learn how to cleanse before you start and how to prepare for the reset before you dive in for sustainable results!

Starting with the basics, our nutritionist Daniela shares why and how nutrition works, delving into the gut-brain connection for your deeper understanding. ​

Then you learn how to cleanse before you start and how to prepare for the reset before you dive in for sustainable results!

The Body & Mind Reset is made out of two parts:

The Recipe Cookbook

Much more than just another recipe cookbook!
Our weekly schedule lets you learn more
about food and it's workings on our body and brain.

The 4-week online course

By combining a text group chat and an online program,

our program makes sure that you change

your food habits with social support.

The Recipe Cookbook holds 290 pages choc-a-bloc full of...


The books are filled with not only recipes, but also the workings of your gut, the lympthatic system, adrenals and hormone balancing.

You will learn over 130 recipes to rebalance your diet!


Recipes can take only 20 minutes to prepare, with step-by-step guidance fo make everything easy to create


Learn not just to change your meals, but also your entire meal plan for the day for more energy and health!


Every recipe can be adjusted for your dietary needs.

A preview of our supportive community

But what truly makes it unique beside it's recipes is the expert advice for a true 28-Day mind & body reset:






What does a healthy plate look like?

How can you fill it with goodness?

Learn everyting in four Weeks of Health & Nutrition


The Gut-Brain Connection


Blood Sugar Balance & the Adrenals


The Skin & the Lymphatic System


Hormone Balancing for Health & Vitality

Learn Health & Nutrition in only Four Weeks


The Gut-Brain Connection


Blood Sugar Balance & the Adrenals


The Skin & the Lymphatic System


Hormone Balancing for Health and Vitality

Daniela Exley

Naturopathic Nutritionist (dip CNM) & professional photographer (BAHons)

I’m a mother of two beautiful children, a wife, naturopathic nutritionist, photographer, a retreat facilitator and passionate cook.

Around September 2012 I started experiencing a huge array of symptoms, including extreme exhaustion, depression, new allergies, and severely painful joints, especially my wrists, shoulders and knees.

Some days I was unable to walk.

At my first doctor’s consultation I was told I was overdoing it at the gym. But after

several trips to the doctors offices, I was finally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in May 2013.

(Please don't wait for an illness to present or a doctors diagnosis to achieve wellness.)

Although I prepared home cooked meals, they revolved around red meat, a lot of dairy and refined grains – a pretty standard Western diet. What a perfect concoction to express my genetic make up into a chronic disease!

I enrolled in the Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma program at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, to truly and deeply understand the inner workings of the human body, of my body. And once I understood, there was no going back.

I wrote the 28-Day Mind & Body Reset because I want to help others how simple daily actions can impact their health and happiness.

By learning about nutrition and how food impacts every element of your system, you can proactively achieve the health benefits of a diet like this.

My journey into healthy eating, nutrition and personal development began in May 2013.

Your journey starts today.

Amazing feedback and making serious adjustments to my food intake! Loving the journey so far!!
- Sjoukje Gummels

I love everyone's inspirations in the chat group! I tried multiple recipes, and it has really helped me with healthy creativity in my kitchen.
- Rebecca Mertens

Such a fantastic group of people! People really help each other getting their diet down. Loving every update, message and recipe.
- Victoria Gibson


Gain immediate access to the program with any of the underlying options.


28-Day Reset Program Package

(Digital Copy + Videos + Individual Downloads + Physical Book)

Everything from the "28-Day Reset Program Plus" +

A physical copy of the 28-Day Mind & Body Reset to grace your bookshelf

  • Fully bound

  • Soft cover

  • Beautiful illustrations

  • Stunning photographs

  • Templates for menu planning

  • Pages with space for reflection and mindset exercises



28-Day Reset Program Plus

(Digital Copy + Videos + Individual Downloads)

Everything from the "28-Day Reset Program" +

Access to the program course with 20+ Videos

  • Daniela shares personal tips to cover a variety of subjects to inspire and motivate you

  • Individual downloads of shopping lists

  • BONUS downloads of retreat recipes


    videos of how to make new recipes

  • BONUS download of Hormone Balancing toolkit


28-Day Reset Program

28-Day Reset Program

(The 290-page Recipe cookbook)

  • Weekly education & information within the book

  • Over 130 Healthy & delicious recipes

  • Quick & step-by-step instructions for each

  • Adaptable to vegan/vegetarian diet

  • Larder tips and stock lists

  • Grocery lists for easy shopping

  • Cooking tips to improve your skills

  • Stress-reducing techniques



Don't love our product? We offer full refunds within 30 days. At a 97% satisfaction rating, we are confident you WILL love it!


Disclaimer: Daniela Exley & Beets, Pulse & Thyme
Please note that Daniela Exley is no longer practising nutrition or running Beets Pulse and Thyme. She has moved back into her other passion - photography! Therefore the Beets, Pulse & Thyme website and Facebook group are no longer active. 

That is why we took the time to collect everything you need for an effective 28-Day Mind & Body Reset in this course so the great content she created in the past can still be used well into the future.

We love this content and we are sure you will too!

If at any time you are feeling ill or if you have pre-existing medical conditions, please consult a doctor or a trained professional. Reintroducing foods after the 28-day reset may create reactions, in this case it’s best to consult a medical profession for any underlying conditions. Everyone is different and will respond differently, you are liable for their own health and own diet and health journey, listen to their body and allow that to guide you.
Who is this program for?
This program is for ANYONE who wants a full cleanse and reset program which looks beyond the faddy 'detox diet'. If you want to understand what you put in your body at a deeper level then this is the program for you. 

It works from the root of imbalance to nurture and gently heal your body, teaching you about nutrition, your body's relationship to food, as well as cleansing habits that are healthy and sustainable.
How is the book structured?
The introduction dives into understanding how to cleanse and preparing you for the reset.

Daniela then discusses the basics of stocking up, how to make some dips, pates, dressings, crackers etc so you have healthy snacks before you even start the program–this way you are set up for success before you even start!
Every week of the program focuses on a core topic where Daniela shares the basic principles and understanding and talks about focus foods for that topic.

This is followed by beautiful recipes that address the topic, as well as meal planning sheets and a deeper reflection activity so your mindset develops alongside your journey with nutrition.
Has the book been updated recently?
Yes, we updated the book in 2023 to add some more content and new recipes.

We have also added some BONUSES to the Plus and Package options with four beautiful retreat recipes we have enjoyed around the world. Enjoy!
Does the program address menopause?
Yes, it addresses many factors in our diet that can affect menopause.

But just to be on the safe side we have also added the BONUS Hormone Balancing download to the Program Plus and Package options, so you can further understand how symptoms and their interactions with your food.
Disclaimer: Mayfly Maven Ltd.
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